THIS Turns Your Anxiety About A Woman Into Confidence That Attracts Her | Egg Timer Technique

THIS Turns Your Anxiety About A Woman Into Confidence That Attracts Her | Egg Timer Technique

Relationships: Does The Fear Of Abandonment Cause You To Go Back To A Relationship?

If one wants to buy a new car, it could be because their old car is no longer drivable or it could be because it no longer fits their requirements. And once a decision has been made, they are unlikely to use their old car again.

Self-Improvement: What Are You Thankful For?

This past week I had both of my sons with me for a couple of days. Each of them left home many years ago and have established their own homes and families since then. Because of time demands and distance we don’t get to see each other very often anymore so we really do enjoy the times when we can be together.

Affairs of the Heart

Internet affairs of the heart are more dangerous to real life relationships than actual affairs. You can’t compete with someone you’ve never seen and who can be contacted via the Internet any time of the day or night, whenever you have time.

Learning the Value of a Human Life

I understand the feelings of families whose loved ones are murdered. My first reaction would be one of revenge as well. The bible even seems to justify capital punishment. Yet the bible was written thousands of years ago. Later in the bible, Jesus said in response to a question about killing a prostitute, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” We have progressed to a somewhat more humane approach to dealing with each other even when serious crime is involved, at least in our saner moments.

I Can’t Stand You (Please Don’t Leave Me)

An abuse victim’s thought process is a paradox as her mind waffles between extremes – a simmering resentment toward her abuser juxtaposed against a desperate, if destructive, addiction to him. In one moment, she hears herself saying of her abuser, “I can’t stand you.” But as the fear of rejection, abandonment and loneliness pour over her, her breaking heart whispers, “Please don’t leave me.”

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