Understanding the 4 Attachment Styles in Dating Will Get You Into a Relationship 10x Faster

Understanding the 4 Attachment Styles in Dating Will Get You Into a Relationship 10x Faster

Feeling As Uncertain People Feel

The state of ambivalence in people – of going to and fro in undecided fashion – is annoyingly common, and for the more decisive of people it’s a test of both patience and grace. Loving people who change their minds frequently, and not knowing ‘where’ they’ll be at any given moment, leaves normally decisive people feeling rather indecisive. It can be seen as an intrusion on our person to have to deal with indecisiveness when we prefer just to go one way or the other.

Valuing Another Person’s Internal Realm

The ability to relate with others in caring and respectful ways has much more to do with how we relate with ourselves than we might realise. We cannot care for and respect others if we cannot, first, care for and respect ourselves. The more grounded we are in ourselves – the confidence of safe personal identity – the better the ability we have to respect the autonomy of another person. The better we can hold our own, safely and happily in our own skin, the more we allow others to be themselves without judgment.

Should I Text Him?

Should I text him is a question many women are asking themselves as the world becomes more technology driven changing the rules and the way women interact with men. Whether it is in response to “should I initiate the first text” to “what do I do with a guy who constantly texts me but won’t call me?” women are confused about how to handle this nearly new form on communication.

How To Build a Lasting Relationshi

Every relationship be it friendship, business, love and marriage relationship is “like a flower planted in a garden that needs constant watering and tendering”. Many relationships have hit the rocks just because lovers, couples have failed to rekindle the flames of their relationships. It surprises me that during courtship couples seem to swim across the ocean, walk through the furnace for each other.

10 Signs Of A Clingy, Needy, Jealous or Controlling Girlfriend, And How To Deal With It

Do you constantly feel stifled, restricted or suffocated by your clingy girlfriend’s excessive neediness, jealousy or controlling behaviour? Being in a relationship should lead to one’s growth, with both partners making compromises and helping each other to widen their horizons. If you feel more like a hostage than a beloved, you may be in a co-dependent relationship.

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