Warning Signs She’s Emotionally Damaged (Signs She’s High Maintenance)

Warning Signs She's Emotionally Damaged (Signs She's High Maintenance)

How to Rekindle a Man’s Interest When You’re Dating? Intensify His Attraction Towards You

Think you can be happy simply dating a guy? Think again because soon after the initial newness of a relationship dies out monotony tends to set in and sends your exciting relationship to the relationship rut. If you want to keep your relationship alive and get out of this relationship rut then here is what you need to be doing.

How to Recognize If a Man is Attracted to Me & Wants to Be With Me? Read His Mind Right Now

Sometimes you just want to be sure that a person is attracted to you before you start to get more drawn to him. If you have a person who you like but would want to know if he is attracted to you then here are the signs that you need to look out for.

Masking the Effects of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse affects children in many different, though evident, ways. These effects may be physical, emotional, or behavioral and if not addressed properly, can affect the victim’s self image and acceptance in a very negative way. Young girls, according to statistics, are more often abused than their male counterparts, although the latter also occurs at an alarming rate.

Why Women Run Away

Woman’s emotion plays a very vital part in a woman’s way of thinking. Emotion is so crucial when making decisions, most especially when it comes to relationship. I would want to make a point here, that often times, men make love using their heads and urgency; well I hope I am not that 100% correct, but in a woman’s part, it is important that they feel there is love, passion and security.

11 Tips To a Blissful Relationship

To have a blissful relationship there must be Mutual respect and passion for each other. The Tips to a blissful relationship are highlighted below: Communication: There must be an effective communication between both partners, what ever may be bothering any of them must be expressed and discussed. When you keep things to yourself, be it sex, finances and other worries, the secret will only fester and create resentment.

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