Practical Relationship Tips – 4 Dumb Things Couples Do In Relationships (And What To Do Instead)

Do you do any of these really dumb things that couples do in relationships. Read on to find out and then discover what to do instead.

Relationship Musings – Some Serious, Some Silly, All True and All Helpful (Which Ones Are For You?)

Ready to improve your relationship or maybe just get one? Tips on finding the right one and being the right one can be found inside this article.

Relationship Betrayal

Have you ever sat in condemnation of Peter, who betrayed Christ by denying he ever knew him? It’s humbling to make a promise to God with great intentions and earnest candor, and then find yourself acquiescing to the flesh and breaking that promise. Peter denied he knew Christ three times. He never expected he would deny Him once. Even Christ’s followers and Old Testament Patriarchs and Kings were at times involved in betrayal. Have you ever considered your own lack of faithfulness in your marriage or business to be an act of betrayal?

How to Know If You Are Being Fired Or Your Position Outsourced

Your company just received a Five Million Dollar Contract. However instead of there being more work for you, there is suddenly less and your Boss is sending work you previously did to another department. Watch Out! Your days of employment could be numbered.

How Can I Foster A Christmas Spirit With The Relatives?

At Christmas you will be with the relatives and in-laws, who perhaps you don’t often see, and you want things to go well without too much family drama. But you know you will be spending a lot of time with perhaps a person or two you can find irritating or with whom you don’t particularly get on. Yet the spirit of Christmas is supposed to be about generosity and warmth, for family togetherness, children and fun. How can we foster that spirit in the face of our unease? Here are some suggestions.

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