What is MegaDating & How Will It Help You Find Your Dream Relationship?

What is MegaDating & How Will It Help You Find Your Dream Relationship?

Past Impact on Current Relationships

Much of what we know about relationships came through childhood experiences. Those experiences taught us how to relate to people. We also learnt about relationships by what was modeled to us by our caregivers (parents).

Intimacy: What Causes The Fear Of Intimacy?

Intimacy can mean different things to different people. It is a word that has numerous meanings and interpretations. The meaning I am going to be looking at here is closeness. Although closeness is usually experienced in relationships of the opposite sex, it can be experienced in any relationship where there is an emotional connection. And an emotional connection can also be felt with friends, colleagues and teachers for example.

A Mother And A Friend

Have you ever wondered why a girl will disclose her innermost secrets to a friend outside, while the mother is there always ready to listen but never hears any thing? The reason is FRIENDSHIP. Nobody wants to talk to a person who will always judge, sometimes, they just want somebody, who will listen and not conderm, advise and not judge.

Diet and Exercise As a Couple

Couples should exercise and diet together. Dieting and exercising together promotes good health, encourages the other person to eat better, and increases time together. Doing these things together will make you a happier couple as well as make you feel better about yourself.

Burned Again by Family – How Do I Make It Stop?

Do you have someone in your life you loved and trusted, but they did something to you that caused you to alienate them from your life? It could have been neglect, betrayal, verbal, physical, mental, or emotional abuse. Perhaps you are a non-custodial mother with this experience.

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