What REALLY Makes You Attractive To Women (Do NOT Believe The Myths)

What REALLY Makes You Attractive To Women (Do NOT Believe The Myths)

What You See Is Never The Whole Person

No human being can fully perceive another one because they didn’t walk their exact path or shared the same experiences. Our perception of others is always distorted by our own knowledge and understanding of reality.

The Loneliness Epidemic

Are you lonely? Do you believe you just need to learn to live with this?

Meet the Malevolent Brothers, ‘Abuse’ and ‘Manipulation’

Suddenly it dawned on me, there is a possible dynamic on the slippery slope, either side of making peace. The attack phase involves abuse. The escape phase involves manipulation.

You Sound Stupid When You Say That

Earlier on I was listening to a conversation where one person was having a go at someone else. These were not just two strangers, though; they were two people who knew each other.

Do You Tolerate Others’ Uncaring and Disrespectful Behavior?

I grew up with two parents who constantly lacked caring for my feelings and frequently treated me with deep disrespect. Looking back, I know that neither of them had any idea of how to compassionately manage their own feelings, so they were completely incapable of being compassionate with mine. In fact, they seemed to lack the ability to feel and show compassion.

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