What to Do When a Woman Tests You (When to Walk Away From a Girl)

What to Do When a Woman Tests You (When to Walk Away From a Girl)

Have You Encountered Your Twin Flame Yet?

Meeting your twin flame will be a dramatic experience as it is like meeting a mirrored image of yourself. This is something you do not want to miss. Read on…

Why Men Leave Pregnant Women – How to Stop This Happening to You

There are any numbers of reasons why men leave pregnant women, and I hope that you have never found yourself in this position. This is the kind of situation where prevention is better than cure. Anyway, why would a man marry a woman and when his wife is pregnant, leave her?

Stalker Survival Guide – The Importance of Self-Esteem!

When a person is being stalked how they deal with it has a lot do with their self esteem or sense of themselves. Being up against such a dangerous threat takes a lot of courage. Read on..

Building a Strong Relationship

Building a strong relationship is still one of the mind boggling topics of today’s world. Strange if you come to think of it as relationships have been around since the beginning of time. If you sit back and think about it, what is a strong relationship and what does it take to build one? Trust is crucial in every relationship. Without it no relationship will be able to withstand life’s challenges.

10 Comparisons of Men to Women in Marriage

I have been a man since conception and will remain so till death. I however first got to know about women by studying the one who bore me, my mother and later on observing women that I went to school with, worked and interacted with. Now I am married and my study continues. My observations below may not be conclusive and absolute as they may not apply to all the men and all the women but I have observed these comparisons in my own life and in others.

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