What To SAY To Women To Build Attraction INSTANTLY | How To Use Emotional “Tapping” Part 2 (2020)

What To SAY To Women To Build Attraction INSTANTLY | How To Use Emotional "Tapping" Part 2 (2020)

People As God’s Instruments In the Hurts of Life

LIFE is a pulveriser. If we are vulnerable enough to be real, God will utilise our vulnerability and bring realness into our orbit. Realness hurts.

The Greatest Aphrodisiac For Men (It’s Not What You Think!)

Many women have this perception that what men really want is a woman who’s all about HIM – someone who’s giving and nurturing and takes care of his every need. The truth is…

Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount – Restored to Relationship

RELATIONSHIPS are what God, the gospel, life, Jesus, wisdom, truth and love are all about. We could also say that God authored life as a relational exercise, from start to finish. The gospel message in itself pivots on the hinge of God’s desire to reach into a fallen humanity and make a way for broken humanity to be restored to relationship. Yes, the gospel is about restoration to relationship.

Forgiveness – The Grace To Forgive

God has the power to forgive sins, but we have the grace to forgive one another. Are we gracious to do so or do we need to harbour ill-feelings and anger, for an insult or injury that we find offensive? It is by no means easy for some people to be apologetic and say sincerely, “I am sorry” as it is more difficult for the other–to forgive.

Me, You, and Us: Keeping Your Center In Intimate Relationships

Just about everyone struggles with their boundaries from time to time – if not chronically! One of the challenges is staying connected to yourself and your own needs while building intimacy in your relationship.

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