What’s She Hiding? #Shorts

What's She Hiding? #Shorts

Powerful Tips To Save Your Relationship From Money Problems

People are still feeling the affects of the recent economic crunch, and financial factors have become the predominant reason for break ups and divorces. Here are some steps you can take to save your relationship from money problems.

Dealing With Change: Five Pain Relief Strategies for Healthy Relationships

Change is painful. Like a house that is undergoing renovations, rubble, dust and debris are created when we tear down walls, erected sometimes over a lifetime to protect our inner Self.

The Illusion of a Relationship

It doesn’t matter if it is with the one you love, your boss, your employee or anyone else, sometimes the relationships you have are not what they seem. You could be connected with those among us that are incredibly self-centered and because of that, they are not capable of having a healthy two-way relationship. You give them your time, your energy, your commitment, your love, your creativity and all the other things that make you so valuable as a person, but in return you don’t really receive anything back.

Unspoken Cry

There are days when I was happy and life was fun… The life seemed perfect and wonderful… There was not a thing that can bring tears into my eyes… Haters seemed like challenges and milestones… Lovers realized of the beauty and good heart inside me… Daylight seemed like light coming straight from the heaven… Night seemed like sky full of diamonds and hope for the next day. Even the saddest songs sounded like sweet chimes… People depressed of life seemed jerks and life wasters… Studies seemed like a clear direction towards a bright future… Writing a diary, didn’t matter as…

Domestic Violence – What Is a Domestic Relationship?

Domestic violence legislation is designed to protect those in a domestic relationship from repetition of domestic violence. In our rapidly progressing society just what is a domestic relationship. Does the legislation protect only those in a spousal relationship or does it extend to an intimate personal relationship, a family relationship or even an informal care relationship? This article addresses who is protected.

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