What’s The Best Time of Year to Meet Women? Halloween :)

What's The Best Time of Year to Meet Women? Halloween :)

Do Men and Women Hurt Their Relationships in Different Ways?

Many sabotage their relationships unconsciously. Whether men and women do so in similar or different ways is NOT important. What is important is that both sabotage their relationships due to lack of self-awareness: They don’t understand how they shoot themselves in the foot. Developing self-awareness will enable them to realize a host of factors which drive them to sabotage their relationships, de-activate the power these factors exert over them and become empowered to develop a successful and satisfying relationship.

When Betrayal Is Bitter Satisfaction

With some sort of sadistic annoyance we take that chalice of pain, embodied by betrayal, and we turn it into a vengeful path toward action intended to teach lessons; the person bitterly satisfied in their betrayal is one not to cross. So much of love that started in the best vein ends in the vitriolic state; the rancorous partner, until this time pleasantly dormant, when wronged, becomes Mount Vesuvius.

How Many Times Has She Been Around the Block Before She Met Me?

There can be any number of reasons for doing a search into marriage and divorce records. You may be looking for a copy of a marriage license, or even, divorce decree records pertaining to your intended bride or groom to be. While of course you may not have been intentionally mislead concerning your intended partners past affairs, it’s more than likely he or she have been totally above board in confessing any previous dalliances. However, if you are anything like me, you’d feel better safe, rather than sorry at a later date, for neglecting to do a marriage or divorce records copy search. I find it is always nice to do a little checking on my own.

What Is Your Personal Operating System?

Like a computer, your P. O. S. (conscious and subconscious minds) is capable of managing many complex tasks and directives simultaneously. Some (directives) run continuously and are located on the survival/security/needs ‘hard drive’ (subconscious mind) while others (tasks) run when needed and are located within your values/lessons/growth programs (conscious mind).

When Nice Is Not Enough

The word nice, for a lot of us, sums it all up. Well, what happens when nice is not enough? This may be a difficult pill to swallow, but nice is not always enough.

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