What’s Wrong With Being A People Pleaser? #Shorts

What’s Wrong With Being A People Pleaser? #Shorts

Keep the Fire Burning: 10 Tips to Being More Romantic

Men and women are working so hard to stay ahead in life these days that they rarely have time for each other. Some even say the days of romance are dead. If you’re in need of a little romance in your life, try these ten romantic ideas and sweep her off her feet all over again!

Positive Factors Of A Healthy Relationship

Many ponder what are positive factors of a healthy relationship. It is difficult to pinpoint at a particular time whether you are in a healthy relationship or not. Arguing with your partner is not particularly a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Having different views sometimes is not either. Therefore, what are the positive factors of a healthy relationship?

Relationships’ Best Activity: One-On-One Time

I swear by the power of dating so much that there is hardly a better way to develop intimacy than via one-on-one time where both enter into honest communication. And it’s not just romantic dates that are in view. Any relationship that relies upon intimacy to take it from A to B needs one-on-one time. This includes romantic relationships, mentoring relationships, and times with our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. Even certain working relationships require the nurture of one-on-one time. What are some of the features of this one-on-one time that are so important?

Defenseman – A Hockey Player’s Story

The story is for the high school aged to the young at heart! There is a familial brotherhood and a story of camaraderie as the story begins with the promise of a new hockey season at Boston University, the author’s alma mater, the story of two brothers Steve and Tony Tommassini! Steve is the All-American everything from BU, an alternate captain on the hockey team and a great guy to be around, he is generally supportive and encouraging to other people!

Our Mode of Communication Plays a Vital Role in Any Relationship

In order to have a lasting and peaceful relationship, we must cultivate good communication skills. When a couple lacks a good mode of communication skills between each other, surely, their relationship is doomed for failure. There’s a close friend of mine, who has been in several relationships till date. Though none seems to work out well for her. You may be wondering why? Her major problem with every guy she dates is, her lack of good communication skills.

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