When a Woman Talks About Her Past Relationships & Exes DO THIS

When a Woman Talks About Her Past Relationships & Exes DO THIS

Are Some of Your Relationships Draining Your Energy?

We have all had friends and people in our lives who seem to come from the “I, me and mine” perspective. These are the people who consistently spew all their drama and life situations on you and then just about the time you are going to share something, they check their watch and have somewhere else to be.

Being the Respectful Lover

Many men find it difficult, and for a few almost impossible, to rein in their desires regarding their lovemaking with their wives. Likewise, women may occasionally find respectfulness the missing link in their relationships – despite how otherwise well-behaved their husbands might be.

The Chivalry of Ducks: Can Men Learn a Lesson? Can Women?

To my amazement, the male ducks stood on top of the concrete and watched as the female ducks and the babies crossed in front of them. Out of deference for their chivalry, I stopped some feet back and waited until the females and babies crossed and, finally, the males followed. Wow, I couldn’t help but think about this as I continued along my journey. And then, because I’m an observer of behavior – animal and human – I couldn’t help but compare the duck way of life to what I saw from the humans at the lake. I can tell you, I didn’t see much chivalry.

Relationships: What Roles Are We Playing In Our Relationships?

What I am referring to by the term ‘roles’ is the way one behaves in the relationships in their life. So with the description out of the way, the first question is; what causes one to behave as they do in relationships when their behaviour is dysfunctional and disempowering and doesn’t lead to fulfilling relationships? This is something I am going to do my best to answer.

The Real Reasons Why Men Don’t Leave Their Wives for Another Women

There are several reasons why men don’t leave their wives for other women, but the wives can usually tell what is that their husbands have other women in their life and would break up with them before they get a chance to. That is the main reason why men don’t leave their wives, and there are several others that may put them in awkward positions. There are a lot of men who do not hide it very well that they are seeing other women while they are married.

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