Why Good Girls LOVE Bad Boys and HATE “Nice Guys”

Why Good Girls LOVE Bad Boys and HATE "Nice Guys"

Society’s Treatment of Men

What make men to feel obligated to having a lady by their side all the time? It is believed this trend has been influenced by the society’s treatment of the men. Societies believe that a man is great depending on the women he has dated or slept with. This has made those who are not gifted in the art to feel out of place.

3 Things You Absolutely Need to Have in Order to Be Attractive to Men! Every Woman Should Know This

Do you often wonder what it really takes to become successful with men? Do you often find yourself puzzled over the question of how some women effortlessly get any man they please while others just keep trying yet never get anywhere?

Things To Avoid To Maintain Your Relationship

There are so many people who are missing out on good relationships because they have this picture of dating that is scary and grueling to go through. It does not have to be like this no matter who you are and what kind of person it is that you are looking for. Here are a couple of tips for you.

When Others Disagree, Do You Question Yourself? Trusting and Standing By Your Instincts

Women need to know something: when it doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t right. All the doubting, reframing and second guessing in the world is not going to change that gnawing feeling. Why? Because that gnawing feeling is called INSTINCT.

Few Reasons for Not Being Called by the Ideal Guys

You have had the chance to meet a lot of guys but it so happens that somehow the guys never call you, what could be the possible reason? Just read this article and you will surely know a few reasons for not being called by the ideal guys. Girls expect guys who take their number to call them back while guys on the other hand take it very lightly that they should call.

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