Why She Leaves a Guy at Rock Bottom but Gets Mad When He Succeeds Better Bachelor Review

Why She Leaves a Guy at Rock Bottom but Gets Mad When He Succeeds Better Bachelor Review

7 Little Things That Can Make a Better Relationship

Life is very busy is a common comment heard. This constant busyness adds to stress and decreases your relationships with others. However, if you invest a little bit of time in relationships with others, you might find your stress level reduced and make better relationships. Friends and family have a healing effect that makes your life happier and thereby reduces stress.

Kids, Dogs and The Truth About Life

“What is happiness?” “How does one become happy?” I believe no other question has been more thought about, discussed, debated and disagreed upon in human history than the two I mention above. Over the years I have heard many interpretations of what consists of ‘happiness’ in one’s life. While they did resemble some sort of an answer, it always felt like I was in the presence of some pre-historic witch doctor whose meaning was elusive even when the words seemed familiar. ‘Happiness’ is defined just as clearly as ‘Love’ – which is abstract and obscure even today. Happiness was an emotion that could be felt but never explained. It was vague, mystic and remained that way for the high priests of worldly wisdom and intellectual superiority. I have a problem with that. I personally don’t believe when our great-great-forefathers coined the word ‘happiness’, they were either vague, mystic or ambivalent about it.

Do You Think You’re Not a Controlling Person? That You’re Just Trying to Help Your Partner?

We are often not aware of our own behaviors and the forces that drive them. It is easy for us to think that our actions are motivated by “good intentions”. That whatever we do is based on love to our partners and the desire to help/aid/assist/guide them. But we often don’t realize that our motives are driven by traits we are unaware of, such as control and possessiveness.

How Can Pheromones Attract Women?

The internet is filled with information regarding pheromones and benefits wherein people who aren’t familiar with this substance can read through. Surely, when you browse the web, you will know a lot of things especially how pheromones help men attract women. It’s best to do your research since a lot of products sold in the market are scam.

Know The Types of Relationship That People Engage

Present young and single people have never had it so good when it comes to relationships with the opposite gender. There is a wide range of man-women relationships, to choose from. The predominant one is the boyfriend-girlfriend sort of relationship where both are willing and commit to get married.

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