Why You Should Date More Than One Girl at a Time (Dating Advice for Shy Guys )

Why You Should Date More Than One Girl at a Time (Dating Advice for Shy Guys )

Does Age Really Matter in a Relationship?

People who fall in love don’t necessarily take age into consideration. As long as they feel something for the opposite sex, especially for the males, they’ll go and woo that person. They don’t usually ask upfront the age of the person they’re dating because for many, it’s a rude trait to do so.

How to Find Good Books on Relationships

One of the first things you might want to do if you have just broken up with your ex, is to get your hands on some books about relationships. If you are going to do this, however, a word of warning: be careful which books you read. It might not be too easy to pick the right books that will give you the advice and words of wisdom you need during these tough times.

The Real Truth About Pheromones

Have you heard about the word pheromones? What instantly comes to your mind when you hear it? Do you have any idea what is it? Then, you should know more about it to enhance your social capability with other person. This is one surefire way to get any person, mesmerized to you.

What Do Guys Want? Here is How to Finally Understand How Guys Think & What They Want in a Woman

Men are quite basic in what they need. They are quite clear of what they want out of the woman they are with. If you keep getting confused in decoding what guys really want then here is a list that you can consider.

Rekindle Your Relationship – Who is in Control?

In relationships control is often an issue. Sometimes it can be alcohol or drugs that is in control. More often it is one person insisting on having things his/her way or else…

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